Welcome to the home of William and the Romantics, an exceptional 22-piece big band swing ensemble, lighting up Denver’s music scene with electrifying performances that leave our audiences thrilled and nostalgic.

Our group, consisting of 18 consummate musicians and a dedicated 4-person vocal ensemble, breathes life into the heart of swing, carrying forward the enduring legacy of this beloved genre. Our vibrant blend of rhythm, melody and harmony creates an unforgettable sonic atmosphere that captivates and fills the dance floor from the first note to the last.

Immerse yourself in the time-honored classics performed by us, as we expertly cover tracks of celebrated band leaders and singers. From Glenn Miller’s mesmerizing tunes to Tommy Dorsey’s soul-stirring melodies, and from Cab Calloway’s jazzy riffs to Gene Krupa’s dynamic fervor. Experience the magic of captivating vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra, and Bobby Darin, lovingly brought back to life with our unique touch.

And what sets us apart is not just our talent, but our deep-rooted love for swing and the camaraderie we share on and off stage. We pour our hearts into every performance and thrive on the joy our music brings to our listeners. Our ultimate goal is to elevate your event beyond the mundane, transforming it into an unforgettable swingin’ gala that leaves your guests tapping their feet and humming our melodies days after.

Visit us at the many venues we perform at across the Denver Metro area, and join us in celebrating the timeless beauty of big band swing in its truest form. We can’t wait to make your event a special, fun, and memorable occasion with William and the Romantics.